Middle School Youth | 6-7:30pm in the Firestone Room.


High School Youth | 6:30-8:30pm in the Firestone Room.

Youth Sunday School (9:15-10:15 AM)



We’re excited to announce that RPC Youth is headed back to St. Louis, summer of 2017. This time, we will be taking High School students to partner with the Workday Ministry in South and North City St. Louis. This is a wonderful opportunity for HS students to engage in God’s mission in a different context and grow in their understanding of how the gospel applies to a different culture (even within our own country!)

What is Workday?

As a ministry of New City Fellowship, Workday exists to engage and equip the body of Christ for Spirit-led deeds of justice and mercy primarily within the city of St. Louis. We do this because the need in St. Louis is great. We also do this because poverty and oppression can be found most anywhere, and God calls us as his children to enter in and to demonstrate his love and goodness; our hope and prayer is that volunteers who serve with Workday will replicate the sort of work we do in their own communities.Dates: June 3-10
Cost: $500 (we encourage and help students raise this money through sending support letters)
Deadline for Sign-Up: December 1st
We will have an interest meeting soon! TBA!

Why youth ministry?

RPC Youth Ministry is not a separate ministry from the ministry of the church. Instead, it is an integral and vital part of our church’s ministry. Sixth-12th grade students are to be viewed as FULL MEMBERS of the church, and we expect that God is working in their lives. At the same time, they are at a stage of particular growth, change, and transition (spiritually, physically and emotionally). RPC Youth Ministry is a ministry to 6th-12th graders that seeks to bring the gospel to bear on their lives as an extension of the church’s mission to reach and equip.

Purpose of RPC Youth

1. To move students towards Christ as they move towards adulthood—Our aim is to prayerfully press the gospel into students’ minds and hearts through consistent and faithful relationships. We are committed to walk alongside them as they move through this stage of life.

2. To invite students into the mission of the church now as they prepare for lifetime membership in the Body of Christ—We aim to equip students to serve Christ, one another, and the world right now, and we are committed to providing opportunities for them to serve alongside leaders. Through this, we aim to equip them for future participation in the church and in God’s worldwide mission.

Interested in Volunteering?

RPC Youth couldn’t function without the help of volunteers. Contrary to popular youth-group-culture beliefs, you don’t have to be young and hip or know what Instagram is to love students well and point them to Christ. Anyone who is interested in helping to shepherd the teenagers of our church, get in touch with RPC Youth Pastor Rob Herron.

Philosophy of RPC Youth


Our primary responsibility is toward the students of Redeemer, Resurrection, and Christ Community churches. At the same time, we pray and look for God to open new avenues for ministry to middle and high schoolers in Athens.

MINISTRY, not programs. 

Our chief role is not to provide students with more busyness. Our role is to help move them towards Jesus. Ministry may occur in the context of programs, but ministry is the goal, not the program itself.

PRESENCE, not strategy.

We depend on the Holy Spirit, not strategies of influence, to work in the hearts of students. We are called to be present in their lives as Spirit-bearers.

Ministry to PARENTS and FAMILIES.

The most influential figures in a teenager’s life are his or her parents. It is thus vitally important that we seek relationships with parents as learners and servants.

Ministry WITH students, not merely TO students.

Because God is at work in students’ lives, we minister to students and to others alongside students. We also equip older students to serve younger ones.

Our desire is to serve all the middle and high school students of Redeemer. While involvement in this ministry is not synonymous with involvement in the church, our goal is to be the bridge that connects students with the church. More importantly, we want to provide a place where students are able to grow in and take ownership of their faith. For this reason, we encourage students to take part in this ministry and join us as we excitedly look to God for direction. This is His work. To Him alone be the glory.