Zechariah: Glory in Our Midst

Zechariah: Glory in Our Midst

We’re about a quarter of the way through our study of Zechariah, and just in case you missed the last few weeks, here’s a summary of where we’re headed as we continue this series:

Zechariah is a book about a vision– a vision of Glory in our midst– seen by God’s people through the eyes of faith.

When God’s people are afraid and when they are tempted to conform to the patterns of this world, our God is king over this world. He is ruling intentionally, powerfully, and graciously, and will one day display this in fullness. Because of this, we can have a [cosmic] vision for life and live faithfully with hope, persevering until the end.

God made Israel his chosen people and through them he would bring the blessing of salvation to the entire world. Israel, however, failed in this mission and succumbed to the same sin and idolatry as the nations it was called to bless. In response to their sin, God sent his people into exile, but not forever. He was true to his promises, and brought them back to Jerusalem. Still, a problem remained– a foreign nation ruled over them, suffering continued, life felt far less glorious than what God had promised. Into this situation, Zechariah promises that a greater salvation is coming, one in which God will show himself to be the great Redeemer King, return to his people, bring his blessing gloriously into all of the world, and cleanse his world of all sin and suffering.


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